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Dust Busters
Scope of Work, Air Quality Division

Dust Busters Air Quality Management, LLC is a company known for "getting the job done". We have built a reputation for our ability to keep jobsites compliant with Clark County Department of Air Quality and Environmental Management (DAQEM) regulations governing construction activities. We work hard to build and help to maintain a rapport between our client and the DAQEM Control Officers who inspect their jobsites. This relationship has proved to be invaluable, even lucrative for our clients.

Our Dust Monitors have all been certified for Dust Monitoring and Visual Emissions from Clark County DAQEM, and have met further company-required qualifications such as previous construction experience. The scope of work our Monitors are able to provide our client's is fairly extensive, as most are familiar with and/or certified in various areas of environmental protection. Having this knowledge and experience enables our Monitors to protect our client's from fines and costly shutdowns.

You 've demonstrated once more that you take care about your community when your assistance is expected.

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Recently the DAQEM was given the right to note S.W.P.P.P.s violations on construction sites, also violations for dust and other fugitive emissions. Dust Busters also has a S.W.P.P.P.s division, as air quality and S.W.P.P.P.s problems often cross over or connect. Our Dust Monitors can also keep clients who utilize our expertise in both areas apprised of the potential for S.W.P.P.P.s violations on their jobsites.

At minimum, our Dust Monitors, in conjunction with Clark County Regulations, will do the following:
  • Limit and control the emission of particulate matter from within the clients permitted boundaries into the atmosphere, and prevent dust from traveling over boundary lines into non-permitted areas;
  • Define reasonable precautions for the prevention/control of fugitive dust from all construction activities;
  • Prevent the tracking of soil from pads and haul routes onto paved areas within the job boundaries, and from within the jobsite onto public or private property not under the control of clients permits;
  • See that Best Management Practices for the control or prevention of dust or track out are being utilized in accordance with the Dust Mitigation Plan agreement located within client's dust permit;
  • Make client aware of any need for modification or renewal of Dust Permit and/or changed or up-dating of dust permit signage;
  • Keep a county-approved daily record of construction activities and dust/track out control measures implemented on clients jobsite.
  • Maintain a record book for client's office, and keep a copy record with Dust Monitor on the job, which may be perused by client or DAQEM Control Officer any time;
  • Notify client immediately of any site Inspection by DAQEM Control Officer and provide client with copies of any relevant paperwork;
  • Notify client if the need arises to deploy specific resources, shut down any equipment or modify any construction activity to ensure the control of dust or track out in order to bring jobsite into compliance;
  • Be present at all times construction activities occur on the project site, be present at all pre-con meetings when notified by client.
Furthermore, our Dust Monitors will do their utmost to gain the respect and co-operation of all Sub-Contractors of the client, in the quest to prevent fugitive just emissions from exceeding the standards set forth in Subsection 94.11.1 thru 94.11.4 of Clark County Air Quality Regulations, and will endeavor to prevent dirt or mud track out that exceeds the standards set forth in Subsection 94.11.6 of the Clark County Air Quality Regulations.

We are not limited by the above scope of work, and welcome our client's request for help within our ability to provide, in order to ease the adjustment to requirements and regulations affecting the construction industry.
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